New baby, changed life forever

4months ago I welcomed a baby girl into my life and in that time I’ve been learning alot of things from this little one let tell you. One thing is that no one ever tells is that your gonna lose alot of sleep and I mean alot of sleep. Second thing they don’t tell you is how much they are gonna cry throughout the day and night. And thirdly how much formula they are gonna spit up on ya and pee on ya too. Boy I was in for a treat when she was born and the funny thing is when i gave birth to her at the hospital the nurses told me that my daughter is a feisty little one and you know they were right. Now in the beginning my daughter was easy to take care of , because all she did was sleep,eat,shit/pee, repeat. And now at 4 months old she is up alot more, babbles alot,grabs anything she can and is more cranky then before. And now she started teething and walking .

But you know what I’m glad that I became a mom finally. For years I thought I wouldn’t have kids because of how the generation guys were becoming and how hard the economy was becoming to survive in. I’ve watched so many single women raise their kids without the dad around and seeing how hard it was for them to live and keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. But you know what ladies i give you props for doing it on your own without the men being around cause that goes to show how strong and independent you all are without men around. I know you can feel lonely at times and feel unsure of where your life is headed, but that’s ok to feel that way cause it makes you who are as a individual and teaches you what you want and don’t want in your life. I’ve been through my walk of life already and the one I got now is a little bit better than the one I use to have and I’m glad I finally got my wish to have a baby and have a husband that loves me and help me care for our daughter and help raise her in this life.